Vision & Values

The Vancouver International Marathon Society is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization, promoting active lifestyles.

Vision Statement

To be the world’s best running experience, celebrating all that is Vancouver.


Our mission is to deliver a marathon event that promotes Vancouver’s active lifestyle, engaging participants and community partners to create a positive and memorable experience.



Responsiveness, Support and Commitment to our Community

We are active, engaged and responsive members of our community, who embody the values of and are committed to collaborating with community members to ensure positive support of the Vancouver International Marathon event.

Innovation, Excellence and Continuous Improvement

We challenge ourselves to seek innovation and excellence, finding practical solutions that lead to continuous improvement.

Healthy Living

We promote and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle within our community through year-round delivery of the marathon event experience.

Personal Achievement at Any Level

We believe in delivering a marathon experience that offers every participant the opportunity for personal achievement, at any level.


We believe the greatest achievements come from working together with our employees, sponsors and community.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

We strive to deliver positive, memorable experiences that are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.


We believe in creating a hospitable, respectful and welcoming environment so that everyone can benefit from engagement in healthy lifestyle and participate in the marathon experience.