6 Tips for Running Your First Marathon

Expert tips for beginners looking to run their first marathon


Looking to finally cross “run a marathon” off your bucket list? Taking on your first marathon takes both time and motivation. Here are six expert tips to help with your training, equipment and preparation for the big day.

1. Build your base mileage.

  • Give yourself at least six to eight months to train
  • Don’t rush your training – this can result in injury
  • Increase your running distance gradually – 10% a week is suggested
  • Set goals for yourself

2. Cross-train.

  • Incorporate activities such as weight training, cycling and swimming into your workout routine
  • This helps to improve your speed, strength and endurance

3. Take rest days.

  • Rest days help to prevent injury and give your body time to recover
  • Aim to train no more than three to four days a week with rest day in between

4. Stay motivated.

  • Train with a running group or run with a friend to help you stay on top of your training
  • You can join us every Thursday mornings to train with the RUNVAN® Crew, or one of the many other Vancouver Run Crews

5. Familiarize yourself with the course.

  • Check out and familiarize yourself with the course prior to race day to prevent surprises on the day of
  • Many event maps include a turn-by-turn chart and elevation graph so you can prepare accordingly

6. Be comfortable in the gear you’re wearing on race day.

  • Plan out your gear before race day and wear something you’ve run in before and know is comfortable
  • Race day is not the time to pull out a whole new set of running clothes


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