RUNVAN® Youth Ambassador Jesse Costucci


Meet Jesse Costucci, an 18 year old nail technician, actress, motivational speaker and outdoor enthusiast. Jesse ran her first marathon in Vancouver three years ago and has now completed 3 full marathons and 5 half marathons. Her first full race was the hardest thing she has ever done and also the most rewarding. Since then, a marathon isn’t something she views as an impossible feat but as something she can’t wait to do. Her mother is her inspiration for running. She passed away shortly before Jesse ran her first marathon and was with her in spirit every step of the way. Her current goal is to run a marathon on each continent before she turns 25. Jesse will be running the BMO Vancouver Marathon again this year as a youth leader for the Streetfront Alternative school marathon team, the largest group of high school marathon runners in the world. Her favorite saying is “we run because we can.”

1. RUNVAN: Take us back to the first time you ran in the Vancouver Marathon, Half Marathon, 8KM, Granville Island Turkey Trot, Fall Classic or your first race. What was it like? How long ago was it? What do you think has changed since then in the Vancouver running scene?

The Vancouver marathon was the scariest and most exhilarating experience of my life! I didn’t think I would finish and was doubting myself during the run but when I finished I realized why it was all worth it and why I love to run!

2. RV: Name a few of your favourite places to run in Vancouver. Why do they stand out for you?

The downtown eastside is my favorite place to run, it was where I first started my training runs and it inspired the residents to see youth running every morning through their community. I also think it has a different character and dynamic than your typical sea wall run.

3. RV: Running is a great way to see the world. Of all the places you’ve traveled to outside of Vancouver, whether it be for competition or for pleasure, which was your favourite spot to run in and why?

My all time favorite place I’ve ever ran was on Mt Kilimanjaro, running down the sandy side of the mountain after reaching the summit this past March.

4. RV: What is your pre-race routine?

My training regimen consist of these four things: Eat , sleep , train, repeat. Cross training is vital for me as well, weight training, biking, swimming and yoga are all life savers when it comes to a big race.

5. RV: Pay it forward: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from a parent, coach, or mentor about running? OR got your own advice? Share it with us!

The best advice i have is: if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Remember why you run, we all run for our own reasons and we all have our own inspirations and motivators.