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1987 Vancouver Marathon – Start Line

1979-1983 Marathon Course

1980 (1226 Finishers, 1092 Males / 134 Females) – May 4

In 1980, racers had a hot, hot, hot race! With temperatures soaring well into the seventies, almost ten percent of the racers did not finish. Gary Henry won that year with a time of 2:13:14.

Male Winner : Garry Henry (Australia) in 2:13:14 **marathon record

Female Winner : Marilyn Belwood (USA) in 2:45:27

1981 (1605 Finishers, 1403 Males / 202 Females) – May 3

In 1981, Australian Brian Morgan won in 2:16:27, while local Nancy McLaren was the first woman to break the tape in 2:48:23.

Male Winner : Brian Morgan (Australia) in 2:16:27

Female Winner : Nancy McLaren (Canada) in 2:48:23

1982 – May 2

In 1982, Vancouver’s own Steve Pomeroy cruised to victory with a dominating race margin of nearly seven minutes at 2:16:56. Meanwhile Sue Krenn from California took the top female spot beating local Paula Pick by a mere two seconds at 2:45:25.

Male Winner : Steve Pomeroy (Canada) in 2:16:56

Female Winner : Sue Krenn (USA) in 2:45:25

1982 WHeelchairs

1982 Vancouver Marathon – Wheelchair Start

1983 (1921 Finishers) – May 1

The 1983 race is remembered as the “long marathon” after a spotter at Brockton Point in Stanley Park misdirected runners for an extra 561 yards! Nevertheless, Toronto’s Paul Bannon won the race in 2:19:42.

Male Winner : Paul Bannon (Canada) in 2:17:57

Female Winner : Beverley Bush (Canada) in 2:43:19

1984 (1780 Finishers) – May 6

1984 was a milestone year as prize money was offered for the first time, and a new race course starting and finishing at BC Place was established. Ric Sayre of Ashland, Oregon took home the prize in the men’s division with a time of 2:16:34 and Carol Raven of New Zealand won with a time of 2:52:03.

Male Winner : Rick Sayre (USA) in 2:16:34

Female Winner : Carol Raven (New Zealand) in 2:52:03

1984 Female WInner

1984 Vancouver Marathon – Female winner, Carol Raven

1984-1985 Marathon Course

1985 (1448 Finishers) – May 12

In 1985, four marathons were planned in British Columbia alone. With new race options and a declining economy, sponsors became a rare breed. Despite rumours that the VIM was folding, the race ran as scheduled with Adrian Wellington of Australia winning with a time of 2:24:24 and Kikue Teshima, the first female Japanese winner, completed the course in 2:55:34.

Male Winner : Adrian Wellington (Australia) in 2:24:24

Female Winner : Kikue Teshima (Japan) in 2:55:34

1986 (2121 Finishers) – May 4

Two days after the opening of the world’s fair, Expo ’86, the VIM hosted its largest race yet with 2,400 participants on a new race course. For the first time, the start and finish line were at different locations beginning downtown and ending at Kitsilano Beach.  1986 marked the start of a three year Japanese winning streak on the men’s side with Hiromi Nishi winning in 2:21:14.  Saskatoon’s Joi Belyk won the women’s title in 2:45:37.

Male Winner : Hiromi Nishi (Japan) in 2:21:14

Female Winner : Joi Belyk (Canada) in 2:45:37

1986 Marathon Course

1987 (1243 Finishers) – May 3

Japanese runner, Tetsuji Iwase won in 2:21:12. Washington State’s Cathy Kroll took the top female spot in 1987 with a time that qualified her for the Olympic trials (2:46:50).

Male Winner : Tetsuji Iwase (Japan) in 2:21:12

Female Winner : Cathy Kroll (USA) in 2:46:50

1987-1989 Marathon Course

1988 – May 1

For the third year in a row, a Japanese male took the win.  Mitsumasa Matsuyama finished first in 2:19:20, while Canadian Isabelle Dittberner won the women’s marathon title in 2:50:33.

Male Winner : Mitsumasa Matsuyama (Japan) in 2:19:20

Female Winner : Isabelle Dittberner (Canada) in 2:50:33

1989 (1109 Finishers) – May 7

Students took the top spots in 1989. Thirty-year-old University of Oregon student Shermi Sabag broke the tape for the men and 29-year-old Anne Mangai, a Ph.D. student from the University of Alberta in only her second marathon, took the women’s title.

Male Winner : Shemi Sabag (USA) in 2:19:41

Female Winner : Anne Mangal (Canada) in 2:50:05

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