Run Kits Beach

Deemed as Vancouver’s most popular summer beach, Kitsilano Beach or as it’s known to local’s as “Kits Beach”, it can be considered the Vancouver equivalent of Hollywood’s Venice Beach.  Beach-goers range from buff and bronzed bodies, stroller-pushing families, joggers, to everyday loungers which make Kits an ideal people watching location. Grassy patches that back the beach are perfect for tossing frisbees, tennis courts are always popular, and there are always beach volleyball games on the sand courts.

Aside from the traditional beach activities, Kits Beach plays host to a number of local festivals. The biggest is KitsFest which occurs every summer. It is a sports and healthy living community festival that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness for all ages and walks of life at every event.

Kits Beach is home to Canada’s longest heated outdoor pool.  This salt-water pool is 137m long (that’s almost three times longer than an Olympic-sized pool!), and is a go-to spot for swimmers and triathletes getting their summer training in.  There is a large space for adults and children to splash around in and gaze at the wrap-around beauty of the North Shore the pool offers.

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