Run Point Grey

Point Grey is known to Vancouver’s locals for its gorgeous vistas, large trees that line the streets and significant history in the city. The neighbourhood resonates prestige, architectural heritage and beauty. The area also includes two of the city’s most popular and beautiful beaches, Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks. These waterfront stretches are two of the six beaches experienced by BMO Vancouver Marathon runners.

Frequented year-round, Jericho beach features tennis courts, playing fields and a sailing centre for visitors. Similarly, Spanish Banks boasts volleyball courts, BBQ areas, concession stands during the summer months and spectacular sandbar stretches of up to 1KM.

The area that is now Point Grey dates back to the 1700’s when the First Nations Musqueam group first inhabited the region. It was rediscovered in 1791 by European settler, Jose Narvaez and made into the area’s first logging camp in the 1800’s. Point Grey and South Vancouver were officially amalgamated with the City of Vancouver in the early 1900’s with the construction of the scenic Northwest Marine drive soon after.

Today, Point Grey retains some of its original homes including two 1913 Tudor revival mansions. This neighbourhood is a perfect mix of charm, elegance, beauty and history with breathtaking views of the North Shore Mountains, glistening waterfront and downtown towers. BMO Vancouver Marathon runners are sure to be visually motivated through this beautiful 4KM of Point Grey.