Running a Marathon in the Rain

Advice on how to handle a rainy race situation

Rain or shine, the race goes on – so why let a little rain stop you? You can’t control the weather, but you can control how you prepare for it.

1. Try to stay as dry as possible before the race.

  • Try to stay inside or covered for as long as possible
  • Keep warm and do dynamic stretches to loosen up

2. Avoid cotton and loose clothing.

  • Cotton fabric absorbs water, making your clothing heavy to run in
  • Instead, go for clothing made of moisture wicking material
  • Wear form-fitting clothing instead of loose clothing
  • Make sure your running attire is as light as possible
  • Wear thin, cotton-free socks
  • Consider wearing a hat to prevent rain from hitting your face

3. Rain makes chafing and blisters worse.

  • Aim to prevent as much chafing as possible
  • Apply body glide or petroleum to anywhere on your body that may get irritated
  • Consider covering your toes, heels, legs and underarms

4. Spray your shoes with water repellent.

  • Protect your shoes with water repellent spray
  • Do this at least 24 hours before the race so your shoes can dry in time

5. Protect your electronics.

  • Wrap your phone or iPod in a plastic bag or waterproof case to prevent it from getting wet

6. Pack an extra set of clothes.

  • Bring extra clothes to change into after the race – you’ll want to get out of your wet clothes as soon as possible!