By Forerunners

Forerunners shares tips on training for
the Great Trek

The Great Trek is two months away. You have time to improve your fitness and have a good race. I suggest you follow a program running three times per week, which reduces the risk of injury and is more time efficient. Running three times per week emphasizes quality over quantity, and event specific training through occasional long runs at race pace.

Each week there are three basic types of training that are completed on three separate days. The three key workouts are designed to improve the three primary indicators of performance.

The three primary indicators of performance:

  1. Aerobic Capacity – VO2 Max;
  2. Lactate Threshold – Aerobic/Anaerobic Threshold change speed; and,
  3. Economy – Economical use of oxygen and running technique.

The three key workouts are:

  1. Speedwork Intervals – run very fast at 10km race pace or faster (improves Aerobic Capacity – VO2 Max, and Running Economy);
  2. Tempo and Steady State Runs – usually marathon race to 15km race pace (improves Lactate Threshold and Aerobic Threshold); and,
  3. Saturday Aerobic Runs –
    a) Long Easy Aerobic Endurance Runs – 20 to 45 seconds per km slower than half and full marathon race pace (improves Aerobic Threshold).
    b) Long Easy Aerobic Endurance Runs with Aerobic Threshold – 2km to 4km pace pick-ups at marathon goal pace – Saturday’s long easy run is at a slow pace with intermittent stops, but aerobic threshold tempos are included in the schedule from time to time.