How to Move from 10Ks to Half Marathons

Half Marathons are rapidly trending towards one of the most popular long-distance events, and conquering the 21.1KM means you’re halfway to running the full 42.2KM. 10Ks are fun and all, but for those looking for a new challenge, the Half Marathon is an excellent choice.

Below are some tips on training up from a 10K to a Half Marathon.

1. Up your training.

Most people can run a 10K with minimal training, but the biggest difference between the two is frequency. On average, when training for a Half Marathon, runners up their training schedule to four to six times a week. This includes interval workouts, tempo runs, long runs, and cross-training. Test your stamina by gradually adding distance to your run each week.

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2. Cross-train.

While increasing your mileage, it’s important to strengthen your thighs, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and abdominals to decrease your risk of injury. By cross-training, you’ll not only improve your speed, strength, and endurance, but this will ultimately make you a faster and stronger runner overall. Incorporate some low-impact workouts such as swimming and cycling into your training schedule.

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3. Get to know your pace.

A Half Marathon is a little more than twice as long as a 10KM, and when running your first one, you should expect to finish at a slower pace than your 10K pace. Calculate your Half Marathon pace by taking your 10K pace and adding 5-8%. Most RUNVAN® races will have pacers on course to help keep you on pace. On race morning, find your group and try to stick with them!

4. Stay motivated.

Training for a Half Marathon can be a lot of work. It can be tough to stay motivated, and joining a run crew or running with a friend can help you stay on top of your training. Vancouver is home to many local running crews and run clubs that are open to runners of all levels.

Come by the RUNVAN® Club! We take off from the stunning Fairmont Waterfront Hotel every Thursday morning for a 5KM to 8KM run through downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park.

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5. Set some goals.

Another way to stay motivated is to set some goals for yourself. Having a race date in mind can help give you something to work towards. Vancouver is home to many Half Marathons year-round, including the First Half in February, BMO Vancouver Half Marathon in May, and the Great Trek in October.

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