By Forerunners

Forerunners shares tips on how to race faster at the Great Trek

By Carey Nelson

Run Faster! Everyone would like to run faster in races. Over the years there have been several running research studies proving how you can race faster with more than just workouts. I imagine if you could add them all up together you would have a ten percent improvement! Let’s make a list of some of the research results:

  1. Fuel Loading – proper fuel loading can improve your race time by as much as 10 percent (let’s use 2 percent);
  2. Balanced Taper – tapering for an event can improve your race time up to 5 percent. There needs to be a balance, as too much tapering is not helpful either;
  3. Racing shoes – racing shoes are lighter and more flexible allowing you to race faster. Racing shoes can improve your time by 2 to 3 percent – carbon plated shoes even more – up to 5 percent;
  4. Hydration – a loss of 1 liter of water can lead to a 2 percent reduction in race time. Hydration with electrolytes can improve your race performance;
  5. Drafting – drafting is used predominantly in cycling however there is a drafting benefit in running of 1 percent;