6 Reasons Why You Should Run a Marathon

To many, running a Marathon may seem like a long-shot – a goal we set without the intention of ever completing it. But with hundreds of Marathons in North America alone and more training resources at our disposal than ever, finishing a Marathon is much more in reach than we’d think. In fact, Marathon participation has increased by nearly 50% in the past decade, with over 1.2 million runners crossing that 42.2KM Finish Line worldwide each year.

With a bit of training, time, and perseverance, anyone can become a Marathon runner. Running a marathon is one of the best ways to tour a city, and with spectators cheering you on every step of the way, you’re bound to reach your goal!

Have we convinced you yet? Read on for 6 reasons why you should run a Marathon.

1. To improve your fitness and overall health.

It’s a given, but training for a Marathon is hard work. Running is a great and accessible way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, and following a training plan helps to integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle and keep you accountable. The benefits go beyond the fitness-level, as with proper training also comes healthier nutrition and eating habits.

In addition to its physical health benefits, research has found that daily exercise can help with sleep, stress reduction, confidence, and overall mental health.

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2. To meet new people.

Training and running a Marathon provides many opportunities to make new friends and meet new people. Many coaches recommend training with a run crew or a running partner as a way to stay accountable, motivated, and inspired. Whether you’re planning on tackling the 42.2KM distance or not, joining a run crew surrounds you with people who share your interests and helps keep you excited about running.

On Race Day, the camaraderie between runners is unmatched, as you’ll see runners motivating, encouraging, and congratulations others from Start to Finish. You spend 42.2KM alongside someone, you’re bound to end up in some interesting conversation!

3. To support a good cause.

Running and fundraising often goes hand-in-hand, and many Marathon events around the world are partnered with several charitable causes and organizations. Giving yourself somebody or something to run for is a great way to stay motivated, reach your goals, and support a cause that is important to you in the process!

4. That feeling of accomplishment.

Or, let’s call it bragging rights. Running a Marathon is a major milestone for many! Working towards a goal is a great way to practice self-discipline, and the satisfaction of reaching that goal and crossing that off the bucket-list gives you a feeling of accomplishment that is difficult to replicate. Once you get started, it’s hard to stop! It’s the ultimate way to test your limits, both physically and mentally.

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5. To improve your personal development.

The hard work, time management, and commitment that goes into training for a Marathon often spills into other aspects of your life. You’ll find yourself growing and changing as the weeks go by into a more disciplined, goal-oriented individual – and with this new perspective, you’re sure to achieve anything you work towards! From your career, education or within your personal life, the habits you pick-up while training for a Marathon are bound to contribute to your personal and overall development.

6. To travel and experience a city in a unique way.

Running a Marathon is a unique way to experience and see a city, and you’ll find yourself exploring neighbourhoods you might otherwise never discover. Many runners use Marathons as an excuse to travel to other places around the world, and since most races are held on a weekend, why not turn it into a mini vacation? Most events have great tourism partners, and offer great deals on hotel rooms, local attractions, sport tours, and more!

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In the end, running a Marathon is a celebrated accomplishment and results in rewarding benefits to your physical, mental, and overall wellbeing.