By Rackets & Runners

Optimizing Visibility and Safety While Running

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year to run, and cooler temperatures create ideal running conditions. Similarly, there are other factors to consider such as lighting and safety.

This article will focus how to optimize visibility along with other safety precautions.


Days are shorter in autumn making visibility paramount. There are multiple road users that include you, other pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. In the worse conditions, you would be wearing dark clothing during the evening in torrential downpour, and it would be a struggle, at best, for other road users to see you. To be better seen, aim to be visible from the front, back, and sides.

Passive + Active Lighting Accessories

There are two types of lighting accessories:

  • Active refers to accessories that emit light, such as the Nathan Strobe LED Clips and Nathan Luna Fire 250 RX Run Chest/Waist Light.
  • Passive products reflect when an external light source shines on it. An example would be Nathan Reflex Reflective Snap Bands.

A special consideration should be made for headlamps/chest lamps for two reasons. Firstly, they allow other road users see you from the front. Secondly, they illuminate your path so you can better see your surroundings.

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Other safety tips

When running in dark conditions, avoid remote trails where you might be the only runner, and try to run against traffic and follow rules of the road. Be aware of suspicious behaviour and get into the habit of memorizing characteristics of people.