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What is a marathon

A marathon is a 42.2KM (26.2 mi) long-distance running race. Inspired by the Greek legend of Pheidippides, who ran from Marathon to Athens to deliver victory news. Today, marathons are challenging event that attracts runners worldwide, requiring considerable training, endurance, and mental fortitude. Completing a marathon is a remarkable achievement and often supports charitable causes or promotes fitness.

The BMO Vancouver Marathon in May is Vancouver’s only Marathon, and the host of the BC Marathon Championships.

What is a Half Marathon?

A half marathon is a challenging running race covering 21.1KM (13.1 mi). It’s half the distance of a full marathon, making it a popular choice for runners seeking a challenge. Half marathons attracts participants of all levels and serves as a stepping stone for those aspiring to run a full marathon. Like marathons, half marathons promote fitness, community, and often support charitable causes.

RUNVAN® organizes two half marathons, the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon in May and the Great Trek in late October.

What types of running races are there?

The marathon is one of the most well-known races requiring extensive training and is often seen as the pinnacle of endurance running.

Half marathons cover half the distance of a full marathon at 21.1KM (13.1 mi). They are popular for their achievable yet challenging nature and serve as a stepping stone for those aspiring to complete a full marathon.

Other common race distances include 10K (6.2 mi), 8K (5 mi), and 5K (3.1 mi).

10 Fun Cheers to motivate marathoners

      • Keep going!
      • You’ve got this!
      • You’re amazing!
      • Stay strong!
      • Push through the pain!
      • You’re almost there!
      • Believe in yourself!
      • Don’t give up!
      • Finish strong!
      • One step at a time!
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